The highest levels of implementation occur in schools where administrators support, monitor and celebrate teacher implementation, provide collaborative planning and reflection opportunities, and access to resources. 

Administrator Awareness

During an afternoon of the demonstration week, one of the consultants will be available to meet with district administrators for a brief awareness session, if requested. During this informal discussion, we help administrators gain an overview of OCDE Project GLAD®, provide realistic expectations for what to expect of their GLAD®-trained teachers, know how best to support their teachers, and have tools in hand for successful classroom observations.

Administrators are encouraged to visit throughout the training. If an administrator plans to attend the majority of the training, they will be charged the typical participant fee. It is recommended that principals attend the entire training alongside their teachers.

Strategic Planning

OCDE Project GLAD® is most successful when it is implemented as an intentional district initiative. When all the stakeholders are on board and an implementation plan is created,  the investment in your teachers will be more sustainable. The Strategic Planning retreat is a full-day workshop for your administration team to learn about the needs of English learners in the 21st century and create a district-wide implementation plan.