Follow-up Coaching

The highest levels of implementation occur in districts where the teachers receive intentional and structured practice and coaching. Principal support and knowledge of the model is also an essential component. It is recommended that each teacher have three coaching contacts throughout the year. Each session includes specific goals to reach for during the subsequent coaching cycle. Follow-up can be organized through school sites or at a district level. 

Classroom Visits

Coaching visits are facilitated with individuals or teams of teachers. Working with teams builds a climate of teacher reflection and growth within grade-level teams. Jody will meet with the teachers for either a half-day or full-day session depending on the number and complexity of strategies  the teachers wish to work on and how many teachers will participate in a lesson practice. Half-day coaching sessions are best for 1-2 teachers, and a full day is needed for teams of 3-5. Each teacher will come prepared to teach a short lesson using one or more OCDE Project GLAD® strategies. The session is divided into 3 parts: pre-conference, classroom visits, and debrief. 

Workshop Modules

Targeted workshop modules can stand independently from or precede classroom visits. Each module reviews a set of OCDE Project GLAD® strategies and gives teachers planning and practice time with feedback of a selected strategy. 

The schedule for each modules ideally requires two 3-hour sessions. They can happen consequtively in one day, two half-days, or two afterschool sessions. Some customization of the length of modules can be accomodated. Contact us with your questions. 

Focus and Motivation

This workshop provides a solid review of all Focus and Motivation strategies, targeting the Cognitive Content Dictionary as the focus strategy for the day. 

This is a natural first step after the Tier I Demo. 

Objectives of coaching
  • Make connections between research and implementation
  • Celebrate classroom successes and learn ideas to overcome obstacles
  • Gain deeper understanding and refinement of select strategies through a lens of sheltered instruction and ELD
  • Refine skills, build confidence, and increase implementation through peer to peer practice

Positive Interdependence
Input and Comprehensibility
Take it to Writing
Raising the Bar

This module focuses on laying the foundation for classroom management, team work, oral processing, and content-related oral language development. 

Also a great option after the Tier I training, at the beginning of the school year, or before a break in the school year. 

Go deeper with the Input strategies and target a content or ELD objective. This module emphasizes practical ways to build comprehensibility and language into all lessons. It specifically targets the 10/2 lecture through various Input strategies including the Graphic Organizer, Pictorial Input, Comparative Input and Narrative Input. The Pictorial is the focus strategy for the lesson practice component of this module. 

This is an intensive workshop guiding teachers through the cycle of the Pictorial, Expert Groups, Mind Map, Process Grid to the Cooperative Strip Paragraph. It reviews with teachers the components necessary to guide students through an authentic writing process. Informational/ expository writing is the genre of focus.  

Using the ELP standards, this module helps teachers identify and provide leveled instruction for their ELL students. It includes an overview of ELP standards, direct application through the ELD Group Frame, and the development and application of questioning techniques using leveled questions and Bloom's Taxonomy. 


Various other topics can be created to fit the needs of your teachers. Ideas may include:

Kindergarten modifications,

Extra strategies that aren't covered during Tier I training, or Student engagement, OCDE Project GLAD strategies customized with your district's literacy or math adoptions. 

Lesson Planning

This follow up option is for teachers or teacher teams who just want assistance how to fit OCDE Project GLAD® strategies into their existing curricula. The day or half-day with the consultant does not involve lesson practice, instead we dive deeper into district adoptions of any content and GLAD-it-up!

This is a great option to schedule in conjunction with the Curriculum Mapping Workshop.


Please contact us for details. Follow-up Coaching can be accommodated with either one or two trainers. 

Curriculum Mapping

 This 2-day workshop leads grade level teams through a process of integrating standards, assessments, pacing guides, district-adopted curriculum, and additional resources into interdisciplinary units that span the school year. A perfect PD prior to the beginning of the school year. 

Let's talk about Math

This workshop focuses on reviewing selected OCDE Project GLAD® strategies through the lense of mathematics. We will analyze the academic language demands of math and how teachers can meet these needs for their students.